This network is solely devoted to women and helping them identify their unique purpose, talents, giftings, and passion for ministry.   CWWN is broadcasting locally, nationally and globally. The network will be utilizing all available media platforms including Youtube, Spotify, Roku, Facebook, and many others.

Our desire is help develop women and support them as they grow in their spiritual journey with God. Specifically, this network will address issues and concerns women face as they look for answers in today’s daily challenges.

About God's Women

Godly Women Are Creative, Innovative, Gifted & Called

Gender prejudice has been experienced ever since sin entered the world in the Garden of Eden and has been brutally evident ever since then. But Christ has came to set at liberty, those who have been held captive.

Godly Women Are Empowered

Just like Queen Esther, Godly women have been called to stand in FAITH to impact these dark times. You have been summoned by The Lord to intercede, speak out in the authority of Christ Jesus against all injustice and sin, and exemplify the power of God's Love.

Women Can Be Leaders and Must Never Settle For Anything Less Than God's Direction

In the book of Judges, Chapters 4 and 5, God used Deborah and Jael to defeat the enemy, not because they were women, but because they yielded themselves fully to Him.